Inside story on the Threshing barn…

Well it’s all coming together nicely in the Threshing barn!  

A bed like no other is being ‘created’ from a silver birch from Cragside & an ancient log that’s been hanging around outside the barn getting a good soaking whenever the river rises!!! & a whole load of other bits of reclaimed wood! 

Can’t wait to see the finished result… 

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He may not drink much but he’s regularly plastered!


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An inside job!

Bit of snow around today but that’s ok for Dave as he’s concentrating on the inside of the barn! At least he hasn’t got far to travel to work! 

Plastering may not be his favourite job in the world but he’s dam good at it & with regular cups of Tea he should have it done in no time!

Thinking of a screen print behind appropriate glass for the shower room! the thing  is what scene should it be & who can produce it! Thinking of a view of Simonside or Cragside… Jury is out on this at the moment though…

Thanks for reading…. M 

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Photos from 2015! 


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Happy new year!

Well this year come April we will have had Thrum mill for 8 years:) it’s been a busy few years & not without turbulence & good & bad! 

Barn still complete largely due to neighbouring interference not seen since days of the border rievers but I won’t bore you with that! 

As a consequence though things have been forced back but this won’t effect us nearly as much as it will effect others! The fact that some folk are incapable of seeing the future benefits having a ‘completed’ restoration is beyond our comprehension but there you have it!

Super fast broadband has been on order since November 2014 & there again due to neighbouring forces is still not connected! We feel heartily sorry for BT who have tried everything to fulfill there obligations but are being knocked back at every hurdle by certain individuals ‘cutting noses off to spoil faces’!!! Never mind we can live without it for now!

On the plus side, since moving into the mill & the village we have come across nothing but lovely positive feedback & come to make some wonderful friendships, we would not wish to live anywhere else in the world:)

Floods… have been a constant threat but only a fool would move into a ‘water mill’ & not see it as a possibly problem!!! We don’t worry about it in the slightest & take measures to reduce the risk when we can!

The new series of Restoration man is now on & we are looking forward to seeing our fellow restorer Lee, from Whitingham station showing us his achievements! 

Thanks for reading & I promis to keep writing!!! X 

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The snug ( otherwise known as the lower kiln) is having its Christmas makeover today :) 🎄photos to follow 🔥


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More about the barn…

Well the threshing barn is nearing completion of the heavy duty bit & boy has it been just that!

Dave & Kevin have had to use a modern equivalent of Roman methods to get these whopping big stones in & up! by ‘rolling’ heavy stone to be used as lintels & steps across scaffold poles, then lifting with chains & hoisting them up! All back breaking stuff but they are tough, strong, ‘Northumbrian’ restoration warriors :) 

When the scaffold that shrouds the barn eventually comes down you will see the stone work in all its glory in place around the Windows door and stairs,  beautifully  pointed with lime mortar! 

We would like to say a HUGE  thanks to ‘Richard & Tom Mason’ of (T Mason & son) at Pondicherry, Rothbury, for sourcing & supplying the various pieces of stone as we know from many years of experience that it’s not easy to find the ‘perfect match’ & its with their many years of experience in the trade & their local knowledge of the area & its surroundings that they knew what would be perfect for use as steps, quoins, lintels etc etc…  ensuring the barn looks like it’s always been there, unchanged for hundreds of years! in true restoration style… 

Some of the stone you will see is from what was, appropriately enough from ‘Little mill’ over the river from here at Wagtail, which fell into disrepair some years ago rendering it dangerous & in need of total, careful, demolishion before it fell down itself & hurt someone!!!  Thrum mill was showing major signs of going exactly the same way but fortunately you know the rest of that story…(some crazies came along & fixed it)!!! 

Its lovely also to think that ‘little mill’ is not lost & gone forever, but it has the chance to live on for hundreds of more years just across the coquet! 

The Mason’s also had other stone from up & around the coquet, so again perfect for this restoration & you would never, unless it was pointed out to you! know which stones they were.

That’s the sign of a perfect restoration,  built in keeping with what is existing already & truely in keeping! so once again many thanks to them Thrum mill & it’s threshing barn certainly wouldn’t look like this without you:) 

I have given the barn the nick name of ‘Thrumdacherry!!! Photos to follow… 

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The steps!

it took a long time to find them & many miles were covered to collect them but at last they are in!  


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Threshing barn is coming along a treat, big front door going on this week I believe… Stone steps up to it coming along lovely.

Daves off to Staffordshire today to collect more oak so that clever Uncle John can work his magic on the interior! 

Drain pipes are all up now & roof complete so scaffold will be coming down soon ( thank goodness)! 

New window due to arrive this week or next for the new opening, but I’m going to attempt to rescue the existing garage windows to save a bit of expense!!!

All in all the Threshing barn is  coming along good:) pointing looking good,  roof looks lovely… so it will be a lovely added feature to the whole look of the place:) can’t wait… 

Might get to move in for the winter to save on the heating bills in the mill:)! Woohoo!!! or maybe next winter!!! may also have to fight out offspring off for it mind!!! 


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Trouble at the thrum…

A planning proposal has came to light for three executive homes at the Thrum gorge, it’s a very sad day indeed when people who we should have been able to think of as ‘fellow custodians’ are planning to ruin all that is special about this outstandingly beautiful place.

The plans are for three executive houses on the site of an relatively new industrial barn that is now surplus to requirements!

We will be speaking at our local parish council meeting tomorrow evening in an attempt to save this historic landmark site from the devastation of new property and hope that planners will see that the thrum gorge with its SSSi listing is far too special to Ruin! 

We found out very early that what we had bought & subsequently lovingly brought back to life was one of England’s finest jewels & it receives visitors from all over the world after having seen it on Restoration man!

If you, like us feel strongly enough about this, then please make a comment on Northumberland county councils web site and say no to new developments in what should be kept a very special place for everyone to enjoy! 

Thank you 

Margaret & Dave Hedley 





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