Back to blog & it’s all about the barn… Coming soon :)

Been a bit busy of late, but as we are coming up to our two whole year anniversary of ‘moving in’ I thought I’d better get caught up with news of the barn next door:)

photos & words to follow soon:)

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New beginnings

Well tomorrow sees the open day of Woodland stove centre in Rothbury not far from Thrum mill.
Ran by our Son Chris a fully qualified electrician/ HETAS stove engineer who decided that hiding his work behind plaster board as an electrician just wasn’t for him any longer, and so decided to put his years of experience on the restoration of our mill to good use!
it is hoped that his passion will turn into a life long career in fulfilling other peoples dreams through his own knowledge & experience along with the help of his sister Emma , our daughter who has left her perfectly good job to assist him, & become the driving force behind his ambition!
Emma’s lengthy experience in all things admin & her English degree puts her in good stead to complete a perfect working partnership.
If hard work and enthusiasm have anything to do with a successful business then they are sure to succeed so if you need a wood burning stove or even just advise about the possibility of having one then just get in touch & have a chat with them, they would love to hear from you :))
They can be contacted at…
Or follow them on their Facebook page or Twitter
Thanks for reading!


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New family business up & running please support

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Threshing barn Doors







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Raising the roof! ( not literally though)!

Well the front end if the roof is now complete & Dave is well on with the back! Speaking of back ‘ he has just about broke his with lifting heavy stones about but hey ho! & speaking of stone, we have found a lot to use up just on site, but others have been sourced locally & supplied by a local family run business & we are very grateful to them as they fit in perfectly:)
I’ll post some photos ( of the roof not Dave’s back ) later!
The English weather has been very kind this summer & although that’s great for the roof work it’s has meant the wheel hasn’t been turning too often!
however… the river is slowly rising a bit now, so we have had one or two days of ‘turning’ :)) what it also means is that the salmon have been making their way up river to sporn at a very steady rate! but I have it on good authority that when the river rises even more they will really go for it so I hope I have my camera ready!

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Coming up to my favourite time of the year:)

Coming up to my favourite time of the year:)

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The visitor


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Windows & door spaces





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More about the barn!

Well been a tad busy with puppies lately but managed to squeeze a bit of photography in around the barn today!
It’s coming along great but still not sure if we will run out if time for getting the roof on before the winter but you never know! If it starts in November though…
Anyway here are some photos for now
Thanks for reading x




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Thanks to everyone for taking such an interest in the mill :) more about the Threshing barn to follow x

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