Thank you to Restoration man for this incredible diary of all things Thrum… 

Channel 4

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The Threshing barn ont telly!

It’s official, channel 4 restoration man will be featuring ‘The Threshing barn’! On Saturday the 6th May at 7.00p.m enjoy… 

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As promised, the glass slides found in a hole in the wall at the mill. 

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Ta daaa…

The barn is finished & due to be aired on the restoration man soon, 

Here’s a few photos as a sneak preview & we hope you enjoy the program😘 

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Looking beautiful 

Time to start some outside groundworks as inside is pretty much done in the threshing barn! Just odds & ends to do inside like putting up some of the old working parts which will add to its character… 

The balcony over the river is still being discussed  ( watch this space) architect Hugh Massey coming out tomorrow to discuss options but we have something a bit special in mind of course… Stove still to be chosen & installed by our son Chris  who runs his business along with our daughter Emma at ‘Woodland stove centre’ from here in Rothbury! 

Here’s some photos to keep you going though! 

beautiful tree from nearby cragside!

of course we couldnt use just any old sink!!!

under bed storage not i only looks goid but its very practical!!!

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There or thereabouts!!! 

Well it’s been another long journey getting the Threshing barn done but it is getting there!

It will be very handy having that extra bit space when visitors come to stay & I think we’ve created a nice space! 

Our aim once again has been to be different, pushing boundaries whilst staying true to the building itself! 

Lots of groundworks to do still but it wouldn’t be good to be completely finished or we’d have to find something else to start on! Not that we EVER intend moving away from this one! 

So mill done ✅ threshing barn done ✅ things to do!  fit stove in the barn clear up site, create nice front garden! finish stone work around the wheel! Remove contentious scaffold…take down workshops fit balcony with iron surrounds…

 well yes still a bit to do but we are getting there honest! another ten years & we’ll be done!!! 

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Inside story on the Threshing barn…

Well it’s all coming together nicely in the Threshing barn!  

A bed like no other is being ‘created’ from a silver birch from Cragside & an ancient log that’s been hanging around outside the barn getting a good soaking whenever the river rises!!! & a whole load of other bits of reclaimed wood! 

Can’t wait to see the finished result… 

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He may not drink much but he’s regularly plastered!


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An inside job!

Bit of snow around today but that’s ok for Dave as he’s concentrating on the inside of the barn! At least he hasn’t got far to travel to work! 

Plastering may not be his favourite job in the world but he’s dam good at it & with regular cups of Tea he should have it done in no time!

Thinking of a screen print behind appropriate glass for the shower room! the thing  is what scene should it be & who can produce it! Thinking of a view of Simonside or Cragside… Jury is out on this at the moment though…

Thanks for reading…. M 

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