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Threshing barn Doors







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Raising the roof! ( not literally though)!

Well the front end if the roof is now complete & Dave is well on with the back! Speaking of back ‘ he has just about broke his with lifting heavy stones about but hey ho! & speaking of stone, we have found a lot to use up just on site, but others have been sourced locally & supplied by a local family run business & we are very grateful to them as they fit in perfectly:)
I’ll post some photos ( of the roof not Dave’s back ) later!
The English weather has been very kind this summer & although that’s great for the roof work it’s has meant the wheel hasn’t been turning too often!
however… the river is slowly rising a bit now, so we have had one or two days of ‘turning’ :)) what it also means is that the salmon have been making their way up river to sporn at a very steady rate! but I have it on good authority that when the river rises even more they will really go for it so I hope I have my camera ready!

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Coming up to my favourite time of the year:)

Coming up to my favourite time of the year:)

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The visitor


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Windows & door spaces





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More about the barn!

Well been a tad busy with puppies lately but managed to squeeze a bit of photography in around the barn today!
It’s coming along great but still not sure if we will run out if time for getting the roof on before the winter but you never know! If it starts in November though…
Anyway here are some photos for now
Thanks for reading x




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Thanks to everyone for taking such an interest in the mill :) more about the Threshing barn to follow x

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The Threshing barn!

Well better late than never as they say!
No… It’s not finished but at least I’ve got around to writing about it!
All is going well I’m pleased to report!
Weather has been very kind allowing lots of stone work to be done!
Locally sourced stone has proved invaluable in keeping ‘the look’ just right! Talking of stone…
It’s nice to live here at the mill & have Dave working just a stones throw away! That means I can keep an eye on him!!!
He still does silly things ( of course)! but if he knows I’m not far off to tell him off, he restricts himself!… No hospital visits so far ‘touch wood’
Hopefully the felt will going on soon & roof work will be completed before the winter which couldn’t possibly be as mild as last one!!!
I’m working on my ‘living in a water mill’ blog so one of these days!!! But in the mean time I’ll post some barn pictures!
Thanks for taking the time to read :) !!!

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The Threshing barn at Thrum mill

So now it’s time to get going again with this building malarkey !
Scaffold is now all safely assembled so work on the roof can start, a bit of work has been carried out ( as a matter of emergency) at the front of the barn so all is good there now!
First of all I’d better tell you all about the barns use in the past & the future plans!
A threshing barn would have been the fresh corn from the fields first stop! In there, the corn would be prepared for the drying kiln ( in the mill ) and taken down with a trolley to the big double doors ( now the entrance to the semi subterranean kitchen)
Unlike the mill building itself the threshing barn Is not listed so there is a slightly more relaxed feel about this stage of the build!
Obviously we will be using the same build technique & a sympathetic restoration to the exterior so it will be in keeping with the mill itself!
The barn will be used for garaging 2 cars and a bit of storage space! and upstairs which will be entered from the exterior with stone steps up the side & will be a 1 bedroom self contained annex for friends & family:)

Watch the journey as it progresses & words of encouragement won’t go a miss!!!
Enjoy the ride… & thank you for caring:) x

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